2017 Special Project

Amplifying the impact of enforcement: Proactive outreach strategies for deterrence

Deterrence of anti-competitive practices is a fundamental part of the mission of a competition authority. Communication and outreach is an essential element of a competition agency’s deterrence agenda. How can competition agencies reach out and engage stakeholders to better communicate their enforcement activity? What communications tools and strategies do competition authorities have at their disposal to promote deterrence within their jurisdictions? What are their limitations, legal or otherwise? What is the role of public and private stakeholders?

At the 2017 Annual Conference, conference attendees will have the opportunity to discuss strategies and experiences from their home jurisdictions and discuss international good practice.

  • Wednesday, 10 May
    10:00 - 11:00

    Amplifying the Impact of Enforcement: Proactive outreach strategies for deterrence

    Plenary • Special Project

    • Margarida Matos Rosa
      Margarida Matos Rosa

      President, Portuguese Competition Authority (AdC)

    • Chris Fonteijn
      Chris Fonteijn

      Chairman, Authority for Consumers and Markets

    • Alejandra Palacios
      Alejandra Palacios

      Chairwoman, Comisión Federal de Competencia Economica (COFECE)

    • Rose Webb
      Rose Webb
      Hong Kong

      Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Competition Commission

  • Wednesday, 10 May
    14:30 - 15:45

    Intensifying the impact of an investigation: An agency's toolbox

    Breakout Session • Special Project

  • Wednesday, 10 May
    16:15 - 17:30

    Engaging public and private partners in deterrence: The case of bid-rigging in public procurement

    Breakout Session • Special Project

  • Thursday, 11 May
    10:30 - 11:45

    Strategic thinking in communicating for deterrence: From planning to implementation

    Breakout Session • Special project

  • Friday, 12 May
    10:30 - 11:45

    Deterrence: the role of private enforcement

    Breakout Session • Special Project