2017 Porto 10-12 May

ICN Annual Conference


To the 2017 Porto ICN Annual Conference

For 15 years, the ICN has thrived on identifying common challenges and finding paths which lead to global convergence and mutual understanding on issues of competition policy and enforcement through intense cooperation between its members and non-governmental advisors.

The 2017 Porto ICN Annual Conference is an opportunity for competition agencies and non-governmental advisors to share experience and discuss topics of mutual interest face to face. Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, which combines iconic historical charm with the benefits of a modern city, is an ideal location for our conference. The conference programme jointly prepared by the International Competition Network (ICN) and the Portuguese Competition Authority (AdC) promises to be both constructive and stimulating.

We look forward to welcoming you to Porto in May 2017.


The main goal of the ICN is to improve and advocate for sound competition policy and its enforcement across the global antitrust community. The ICN seeks to develop and promote sound and principled procedural and substantive benchmarks, and to foster pro-competitive, efficiency-enhancing conduct. These benchmarks can serve as a model for governments and competition agencies looking to develop new laws and policies, and to update current practices.

The ICN provides competition authorities with a specialized yet informal venue for maintaining regular contacts and addressing practical competition concerns. This allows for a dynamic dialogue that serves to build consensus and convergence towards sound competition policy principles across the global antitrust community.

Its members represent national and multinational competition authorities. Members produce work products through their involvement in flexible project-oriented and results-based working groups.

The ICN is organised in 5 working groups:
• Advocacy Working Group
• Agency Effectiveness Working Group
• Cartel Working Group
• Merger Working Group
• Unilateral Conduct Working Group


The Portuguese Competition Authority (Autoridade da Concorrência - AdC) was created in 2003 as a financially and administratively independent agency. The AdC is responsible for enforcing competition rules and advocating competition across the Portuguese economy, in compliance with the principles of a free market system, in order to ensure efficient markets functioning, an optimal allocation of resources and the interests of consumers.

The mission of the AdC includes, therefore, two main areas of activity competition enforcement and advocacy in Portugal.

Currently, the AdC focuses its enforcement initiatives on fighting cartels and other anticompetitive practices, including bid-rigging in public procurement, and preventing mergers that significantly lessen effective competition in Portugal, through an efficient merger control system.

In addition to its intense enforcement agenda, the AdC strives to promote competition through advocacy and outreach with a diverse range of stakeholders.

By carrying out in-depth market studies and sector inquiries, the AdC seeks to better understand the functioning of particular markets. Acting as an advocate for competition, the AdC has an active agenda in competition impact assessment, with the aim of identifying potential restrictions to competition in the legal and regulatory framework and making recommendations that will promote competition, without jeopardizing other public policy objectives.

The AdC has also been active in outreach activities including explaining the benefits and rules of competition to the business community, and engaging contracting authorities in the detection of bid-rigging and efficient tender design.

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